With an eye on the PIX revolution, Brazilian fintechs prepare the launch of new products

Brazilian Fintechs expand customer options before the official launch of PIX

Brazilian fintechs continue to announce innovations in the wake of the launch of the Central Bank’s instant transaction system, PIX.

According to Valor Econômico, fintechs is investing in the expansion of its workforce and in information technology (IT).

The digital bank from Pernambuco, Zro Bank, launched this month and which offers transactions in real and Bitcoin Superstar scam, says it has already invested R$ 500,000 in preparing the company for PIX. According to Fintech’s CTO, Marco Carnut, the company wants to use the system to attract customers for new products:

„The main challenge with Pix is to start the operation, along with other product demands that we already had“.

He also says that with PIX, the plan is to buy and sell currencies every day and hour of the week, increasing the user’s time on the platform. Fintech should launch a credit card and diversify the portfolio with dollar and euro soon. In three months, the company expects to reach 100,000 customers.

ZAP Account, for digital payments via WhatsApp, has already invested more than R$ 19 million in new technologies. The company’s CEO, Roberto Marinho Filho, says in the text:

„The arrival of Pix will help us gain scale in our goal, which is to be a simple and intuitive [bank] account. […] We have already highlighted a leadership and a group of three professionals only for the ‚world‘ Pix. Many products will be created or reinvented in the coming years“.

fintech has been a partner of telecom Oi since July and will create a digital account for the operator’s customers focused on the banked. In preparation for PIX, Conta Zap has also hired new professionals and hopes to further expand its network of employees.

On the other hand, fintech from São Paulo, SumUp, present in 31 countries, which works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), promoted a campaign called „Descomplicate the in a Pix“, in which it addresses the differences between PIX and TED, DOC and QR Code systems.

The company launched new solutions during the pandemic, such as a secure remote payments link, an e-commerce tool for physical shop owners and a voucher system that allows the advance sale of products and services to be used after the pandemic is over.

Then, this month, he announced the acquisition of the payment processor Compraquí, in another step of expansion the company’s operations in the world.

And finally, Guiabolso, which is a partner of banks to operate PIX for corporations, wants to take advantage of innovations in the financial ecosystem. Fintech has an app that started as a personal finance organizer and has now become a digital account, where users can use their bank accounts for transfers through the app, without charges.

Gregório Kelner, concludes by saying that fintech’s plans for PIX are to expand operations, allowing payment of slips and purchases, as well as allowing payments using more than one bank account. The fintech already received, since 2014, R$ 215 million in investment.